Hair Raising

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A somewhat scary and little known fact about me is that my hair has not been cut in about two and a half years, since a bit before my first son was born. I know; that’s just plain wrong. Not good for my hair, my whole self, my looks. I should take better care of myself, right?
Well, it’s just not that simple. First there’s the matter of not being able to find the time to go. It’s hard enough to get to the dentist and eye doctor when I need to. Then there’s the fact that the girl who used to cut my hair quit cutting hair and went back to advertising. Finally there’s the fact that I had a second baby and opted out of bottles.
I meant to get my hair cut before the second baby arrived, but I didn’t know where to go or who to get an appointment with. And it really wasn’t that big of a deal. Yeah, it was long and had a few split ends, but it still looked okay. And I keep it pulled back most of the time anyway.
And then the postpartum shed started. I’m having to comb it out in the shower with conditioner. And then I have to comb it out again with a leave-in conditioner. I wind up with two golf ball sized clumps of hair after every shower. The shedding is normal, but the length of my hair combined with the split ends… Well, if you’ve ever had long hair, you can imagine the frustration. Of course, if it continues to fall out at this rate much longer I won’t have anything to worry about. 😉
I must also share that we do not style the baby’s hair like that. It does that all on it’s own. And we always know when he’s due for a bath; his hair starts to lie down flat!

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