Table for 8 please

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We had some friends over for dinner yesterday. Amy and Adam have two kids about the same ages as our two. Their little girl will be two soon and their baby boy is just two weeks younger than ours. And ours will be four months next week! Can you believe that?
We are continually shocked at how quickly dinner for four became dinner for six and a table for eight when we eat with friends. The meal was oven fried chicken, baked sweet potato fries, wilted spinach with bacon, and fallen chocolate cakes with strawberry sauce. Definitely not low-fat!
The effort to prepare a meal is nothing compared to time spent with friends enjoying it. Well, that and getting the highest compliment a toddler can give; their daughter actually picked up her dessert plate and licked it when her cake was gone.
I was hoping to have a great picture of the meal, the empty plates, or even the dirty dishes to share, but I neglected to take any of those shots. Instead I sat down with some needles and yarn to start on yet another baby hat. Hopefully I can share it soon.

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