A little vacay

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I think I completely forgot to mention that we headed out for a short family vacation this past Sunday. Hubby had a rare summer Saturday off, so we planned some family time and a trip; without a wedding on Saturday there was much less post processing to do this week. We hit the road with the boys and headed for Omaha for some time with family there, some swimming, a trip to the zoo, and a boisterous visit to the Omaha Children’s Museum.
We had a wonderful time. The boys weathered the drive rather well; which made it possible for me to get quite a bit of knitting done. We put them to bed in the same room the two nights we were there, and while they were too exhausted to make a hardly a peep the first night, the second night they treated us to a caucophony of brotherly bonding. The toddler sang I love you to the baby, when they baby started to cry a bit, the toddler yelled “Mama!” at the top of his lungs and then said, “Stop crying; I’m yelling for Mommy!”, but the kicker was when the squeals, giggles and belly laughs started. It got the best of Hubby and he headed back for a peek; he came back laughing out loud so hard he could hardly report what he had seen. The baby was standing up facing the toddler’s pack n’ play watching while the toddler stood facing him from the far side; he proceeded to do an intentional belly flop on the bottom of his bed, which they both apparently thought was funny and the giggles began again. This scene was repeated, from the sound of it, over and over again.
After listening to at least 30 minutes of giggles, I told Hubby that there was some brotherly bonding going on back there. And then on the way home the next day the toddler started yelling, “BAAAAAAA!!!” at the top of his lungs repeatedly while I was driving. After four or five times Hubby looked back and instructed him to stop. The boys looked at each other, then both looked back at him and simultaneously yelled, “BAAAAAA!!!” We were laughing too hard to “punish” them!
I don’t have many pics of our trip; I did take my camera, but I spent most of my time just enjoying being together as a family instead of trying to record it. I can tell you that the toddler up there is looking at this guy:

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