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I can’t take credit for any of this awesome stuff, but I do get to enjoy it!
Our bag from our CSA was so full yesterday I didn’t think I was ever going to get to the bottom of it! There was no way to get it all in one photo! In addition to more chard, wild amaranth greens, beets, green onions and summer squash, we got two different bags of baby salad greens, a small banana pepper, a little okra and a mystery green that I’m going to have to investigate: it looks like a large flat leaf cabbage, but not.
Before we headed out of town I blanched and froze a ton of wild amaranth, swiss chard, and mustard greens for use this winter. I’m guessing I’ll be adding to that this week. It’s amazing me how much our money is buying us, how much of it we are eating, and how easy it is to save the rest. We’re going to eat healthier all year simply because of the CSA, and when we finally get our garden going here, there will be new staples for us to plant. Who knew how much I would like swiss chard? I am still wondering what to do with the beets; I haven’t liked the pickled ones I’ve tried. Feel free to suggest ideas – right now I’m considering using them to dye some fabric, but I feel like we should at least try eating them too.
In addition to our trip to the farmers’ market yesterday, our buddy Mr. Brian essentially finished his work outside our front door. I know the boys will miss watching him work out there three or four days a week (Remember this!), but we sure like the finished product:
We will probably paint it to match the house after the wood has cured an definitely add some plants to the flower beds as soon as it cools off a bit this fall.
Below isn’t true “before” picture since the previous window well had already been dug out, but it will give you an idea of what we had Brian replace. If you live in the area and want his name and number, just let me know. We are VERY PLEASED with the entire project!

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