And it came in the mail

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I owe it all to Ravelry and a very kind and generous knitter in Fairfield, TX. Remember the Unmentionables? I ran out of yarn, and I hunted on Ravelry until I found someone who had half a skein in the dye lot I needed. The fellow knitter was kind enough to mail me the yarn free of charge. I am so very grateful!
I’m originally from Houston. We live in the KC area, and I’ve driven back to my hometown, right through Fairfield, I don’t know how many times in the last *ahem* 16 years. Every spring trip, without fail, we’d stop in Fairfield for peaches. The BEST peaches ever! You know they must be good; Fairfield is in Freestone County!
Today was the first “normal” day around here in while, and the toddler didn’t quite know how to handle it. So when the mail came, I was ecstatic to find the envelope in it! I’ll finish those bloomers just as soon as I finish this months SSS block.

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