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The Beatles wrote a song about one of these. The original colonies even revolted. But there is a whole different type of revolution going on in my art room…
It all started with the X-acto electric crayon sharpener. This is the COOLEST invention for anyone who works with a lot of crayons. Trust me, elementary art teachers go through a lot of crayons. I’ve used it during several classes now and it always makes the crayon as sharp as new in only a couple of seconds! It’s truly revolutionary.
I’m not certain that it is entirely good, though… Some of my first graders thought it was great fun to bring me every crayon at their table that remotely needed sharpening, even if they didn’t need it, because it was so much fun to watch it happen.
At any rate, a little classroom management went a long way, and the 6 bucks or so plus batteries I spent was totally worth it!
Create your own revolution.

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