Small steps and big leaps

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Ever notice how something that starts small can get BIG really fast.
Water leaks work this way; a few drips turn into a huge puddle and/or a fast stream in a real big hurry. We had a storm here in KC last week that caused a lot of flash flooding; including one small flash flood in our basement. Our sump pump decided not to turn on and we wound up with a couple of inches of water in about a third of our basement. (I was fortunate in that my studio was spared the water, but it now has stacks of stuff from the rest of the basement piled up and in my way. I can’t complain; I don’t get down there much these days any way.) It was amazing to me that once we got the sump pump working – we McGuyvered (sp?) it with a rubber band! – the water not only drained quickly, but the floor dried fast as well.
A friend of mine broke her ankle a couple of months ago. Just last week she bragged about being able to move her toes for the first time. Now she’s able to put her full weight on it. Does that seem quick to anyone else? It’s not that I think it’s too fast; it’s just that I am amazed at how quickly her small step turned into a giant leap!
Our almost eight month old son started “army crawling” a couple of weeks ago. In the just 24 hours he went from staying where we put him to scooting across the room. Now we actually have to have a baby proofed house…
Most things start small. Just watch out; they can get BIG really fast.

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