The baby is king?

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Everyone asks us how Keva is doing now that we’ve had a baby at home for almost eight months. We’ve always said the same thing, “She loves him, but hates us.”. It’s really true. He tastes good and laughs at her. She’s to simple minded to connect him with the fact that she doesn’t get much attention anymore (never mind the fact that she was spoiled rotten before); she just blames us for not taking her out for a 3 mile run every day and lavishing her with belly rubs and ear scratches.
Tonight she was laying out in the yard soaking up the nice weather and looking longingly at the house while I fed the baby dinner. I couldn’t help but wonder what she thought about the treatment he gets. I figure that her thoughts might go something like this:
“They must think that baby is king. Every time he cries they drop everything and do what ever he wants. They spoon feed him people food that they make just for him in a special tall chair. He gets to sit at the table during dinner. He has his own room. He’s allowed on the furniture. They even put pants on him and wipe his butt every time he poops. What do I have to do to ge that kind of treatment???”
On the flip side – I’ve joked several times that the only time she isn’t jealous of him is when she realizes that he gets a bath every other day. I doubt that she’d trade places with him if she had to endure the frequent dips in the tub. Of course rice cereal and mashed veggies and fruit two meals a day might be worth it…

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