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We bought Keva, our dog, some new dog treats at Costco on Saturday. I noticed tonight that they are called “Peanut Butter Grandpaws”. I assume that this means they are large paw print shaped treats. We haven’t opened them yet, so I don’t really know.
The “grandpaws” part really got me thinking. Maybe it’s because we made both my parents and my in-laws grandparents for the first time 8 months ago, but I couldn’t help but think of Grandpas instead of grandpaws. And then I thought of taking a “grand pause”. Is that an extended vacation? Is it what happens when you’re left speechless? Or are grandpas (and grandmas) really taking a grand pause from child rearing? Maybe I’m the one taking the grand pause from working in my studio.
I really hope that the dog treats are good…

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