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I received a wonderful email from June this afternoon. She got her bag in the mail yesterday and loved it! She even mentioned that she took it to a knitting group last night and that all the ladies at the group loved it.
I made the mistake of trying to take final photos of one of my own projects. I should always let hubby do this…
After I saw my results, I took the bag down to his studio for some more, much nicer, pics before I put it in the mail. I’ll send his with the pattern if I decide to try and publish it. It sure is nice being married to a photographer!
I’m really glad that June liked her bag so much. It’s rather unusual. It’s really more of a bowl with a strap and loop closure. It was 7 skeins of Cascade 220 knit two stranded in the round on size 10. I’ll be tweaking this pattern a bit and then will probably submit it for publication as well.
Other things that got gotten yesterday include my new vacuum. Hubby came home with a Dyson canister for me, and he hadn’t even read yesterday’s post! I haven’t managed to get it out of the box yet, though. The baby took a short nap this morning, and his afternoon nap started out with me tracking down the strange smell coming from the garage and progressed to checking email and now blogging.
Maybe I should go get the thing put together so I can give a try on the dog hair in the basement…

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  1. June
    July 3, 2007

    The bag is a real treat and I’m so glad to be the recipient. Thank you Nifers for all the work you put into the project. Its great!
    I did share it with my knitting group last night and everyone loved this huge bag. Probably I will use it beside the fireplace to hold whatever project I am working on at the time, then when I get ready to go out all I have to do is pull the loop through the other loop and go. Thank YOU!


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